Saturday, October 08, 2005


I stepped outside this evening and watched as a flock of blackbirds settled along the powerlines. They are always the last to go; the lingering shadows of their colorful relatives. The red-breasted robins, brilliant cardinals and squawking bluejays have already left on the tail of the first northern wind. Yet, the blackbirds remain. They sat perfectly still, chattering in the calm of the evening, silhouetted against twilight.

And suddenly, in sporadic flight, they dived and separated; pieces in a puzzle scattered across the borderless sky. Momentarily they were alone in their course, skirting haphazardly across the tip of the sunset as wings beat off tempo with the rest.

Then, just as quickly, there was reconnection. Like a well-choreographed dance they glided together as one in fluid movement into the night. A few regathered atop the line in front of our house, seemingly wanting to linger just a moment longer. It reminded me of the three little spiders who remained behind at Wilbur's barnyard at the end of E.B. White's beloved story, Charlotte's Web.

And then they too, took wing; calling to one another as the last act ended and the curtain fell on the day. They will soon be gone for good...and I will miss their serenade.


McSwain said...

Lori- Your pictures and words are always so beautiful and peace-giving, I never feel I have anything to add. Just wanted you to know I was here and that I enjoyed.

srp said...

The robins are still here in Virginia along with the Mourning doves. Migrating birds are stopping by on their way south. I can hear them in the tree tops but they are hidden by the still green leaves.

These pictures and words are lovely. My first look touched memories of seeing Hitchcock's "The Birds".

clew said...

"the lingering shadows of their colorful relatives"??? Oh man! I love it!

Lori, this is so very well written - you captured the event so vividly! You always dazzle and inspire me! Hugs, my friend!

Spider Girl said...

What beautiful images..and thoughts to go with them.