Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A summer farewell

Summer bought a ticket on the southbound train. I saw her leave on the shirt tail of a north wind and on the tip of a blackbird's wing as it turned its flock in midair. I heard the departure as her sullen, humid air was whisked away by a crisper, cheerier breeze and the cicadas faded softly away, replaced by the flautist in a shiny black suit. The curtains blow in different directions now, ushering in a welcomed respite, and the sun retires earlier in the evenings. Jackets are grabbed off of backdoor hooks as cooler temperatures are anticipated. And there is a relief in spirit.

She overstayed her welcome. Though during winter winds her warm caress was desired, it has been too much; too close for too long. Her dry, dirty winds and brown grass made me weary and her strong, threatening storms made nights far too long. She exuberantly unpacked her bags in June, promising leisure and peace with her stay. And though I enjoyed the visit, it really was time for her to move on.

Thank you, dear summer, for the annual River Festival; our stay with old friends in our old home town. All those hours on the mower gave me pause from the classroom and time for thinking my own thoughts and stories. Time with family, celebrations, wheat harvest and rest from the world were all gifts you brought back from your winter holiday. Your generosity was appreciated and our time together, well spent. But now it's time for you to go.

Next winter when the snow flies and the days are enveloped into early night, I shall think of you sunning on golden beaches. And when spring arrives and the daffodils push their fluffy yellow trumpets up through the soil, I will look forward to your return. But for now, autumn's suitcase is at my front doorstep. She'll bring me russet pumpkins and falling leaves, brilliant blue skies and dazzling mums. To everything there is a season and now is her turn.

Summer left on the southbound train.....but she holds a round trip ticket.
I know we'll meet again.


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I thought you lived in Kansas. I saw a pic once on your blog and one of the kids had a Jayhawk hat on. Thanks for your words that are always appreciated.