Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Wishes

"Over the meadow and through the woods,
To Grandmother's house we go.
The horse knows the way
To carry the sleigh
Through the white and drifting snow.
Over the meadow and through the woods,
Trot fast my dapple gray,
Race over the ground like a hunting hound
For this is Thanksgiving Day!"

How those words resonate in my mind as the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. This has always been our family's big holiday; the one day that we're all together with no other obligations. I have sweet memories of grandparents and babies... music and laughter.....when the stuffing was forgotten in the oven and the turkey wishbone made its appearance after dinner....of walks to the spring for family photographs and always, lot of love. This year will be no exception as we gather at my sister's house to celebrate our blessings, one of which is our beautiful mother who will turn "80" on Saturday.

Wishing you a wonderful and safe holiday, filled with all that you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Accidental Falsehood

What is it they say about the best laid plans?

I was talking to a friend this evening and told her that I felt guilty. She asked, "Why?" and I replied, "Because I'm a woman. And that's what we do!"

I have felt badly because I said I'd be writing...and so far that hasn't materialized. After many months of anticipation, we finally got a new computer....but we don't yet have the internet. It may be a few more weeks before I can actually get back to where I'd like to be. But in all honesty, even if we'd had access at home the past couple of weeks, my site would - as the Christmas song says - "In solemn stillness lay."

I've been working 12-hour days to save money for Christmas. Even though in everything that counts, our family is rich, it would be nice to have some special gifts underneath the tree this year. It seems that no matter how many hours I work, the neccessities of life have a way of gobbling things up before I get a chance to explore the nicities. But with any luck things will hold out while Mrs. Claus helps Santa, and the new year will bring blessings with a smaller price tag.

It's been a long tunnel, but I never doubted the brightness on the other side. Don't give up on me.....I promise I'm still here.

Monday, November 06, 2006


It has been a beautiful Autumn; an eventful Autumn. Time has skirted by like the last fall leaves dancing beside me along the roadway. Thoughts are turning to Thanksgiving, and Jack-O-Lanterns are replaced with russet cornucopias, spilling pumpkins and colorful berries. With the coming of Earth's restful hiatus, I feel energized and alive.

Though I have been without words these past few weeks, my thoughts are ever present. I will soon be writing again, anticipate it with joy and have much to share.

Life is so very good. How could I ever doubt it?