Wednesday, February 22, 2006

One Moment in Time

There were a million things to do. It was the first evening in two weeks that we'd made it home before 7:00. I had supper in the oven and was headed for the laundry room when I heard it: the thud of his basketball hitting the hard dirt that makes up his outdoor court. Opening the door I saw the team of one; dribbling, swooping and spinning with the confidence of 13 years beneath his feet.
I needed to stay in. But I needed to be with him more.

"Watch this, Mom!" he called as he practiced his latest move. The deep voice that now belongs to my son rang through sharp, clear air and his laughter echoed across twilight.

I guarded. He humored me. I shot. He tried his best not to poke fun. We ran and laughed, breath coming quick with the cold air painting pale, winter skin with a rose-tipped brush. Time had stopped...and for a moment I was just 'Mom', with nothing else to do but spend time with my son.

And though my list of "to do's" still remains, the digression was worth it. It was a moment, afterall. A moment spent in joy, dotted with love and best of all, shared with a heart that's so dear to my own.


alan said...

A moment you will both remember forever; thank you for sharing it with me!


srp said...

I'm glad it's these moments a mother remembers, the "nothing special" moments. They become most precious in years to come.

naive-no-more said...

It's clear that your home is a wonderful place to grow up in.

martie said...

I hope you have many more of these moments and leave the "to do" list untouched for more fulfilling times like this! Hugs!

Networkchic said...

Isn't it funny how a moment in time can be the minutes that make up our lives. Sometimes we forget to stop reading our lists long enough to savor in those moments. Wonderful post.

McSwain said...

And because I'm a mom with a boy too, I totally get this--and it made me cry. These are the moments that make life worthwhile!

Jacqueline said...

Precious moment to cherish! You decide to make it so! What a great mum you are!
As for me, I do recall many missed opportunities (sigh!)

Mellissa said...


This reminds me of a poem I saw a long time ago:

Cooking and cleaning can wait till tomorrow, 'cause babies grow up, we've learned to our sorrow.

So quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep, 'cause I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

I am so glad you had this time with your "baby boy" just being mom. He will remember that one-on-one for the rest of his life.


Rebecca said...

Aaah, so very true Lori. They grow up so quickly...

My husband is out tonight, and so the kids and I had a special day together...and at the end of the night, my son and I were watching a movie before he went to bed. There's a part that isn't scary - but bothers him, and he said to me "Mom, you don't have to cover my eyes for me anymore you know... I can do it myself now". And my heart broke just a little.

As they get older, the moments that they want you around take precedence over anything else that is going on at that moment, don't they....


Pete Mitchell said...

This brought a tear to my eye.

(A good tear.)