Saturday, February 20, 2010

Best Laid Plans

This is Bill.  We work together every Sunday in a wonderful environment that gives us the opportunity to help others.  Over the last nine months I've gotten to know Bill pretty well and look forward to the days we spend together.  He has shared many stories of his life and is in the process of writing down his journey, beginning with his earliest recollections of life on a small Kansas farm.

Last week we talked a lot about writing.  Though we both enjoy it and have the best of intentions, the words of our minds and hearts so often get put on a dusty shelf for another time.  Other things seem to step inside the limits of our creative boundaries, taking their place.  Sometimes it's the necessaries of life....but more often it's insignificant distractions that steal moments from things that need to be said.

We don't have tomorrow.  Only today.  Time to put aside the excuses and get down to business.  Even if "business" is simply the things we love to do.