Monday, April 16, 2007

Around the corner

Sometimes it seems like the rain will never stop. Spring teases us with its yellow daffodils and brilliant tulips and whispers through the new leaves of roadside cottonwoods. The sun lies warmly on our shoulders and wraps us in a long awaited embrace.

And then the clouds gather and the bitter north winds dash our hopes as they drive a cold rain against our windowpanes. It feels like we will never be warm again nor see strands of wispy white against a summer blue sky.

But hope awaits around the corner.... and on the horizon. There is promise of brighter days of beauty, joy, song. The darkened clouds become sunlit then fade away as prismatic rays replace them, lighting our lives and scattering any ill moments to the wind.

There will always be darkness, but without it we would never fully appreciate the light that inevitably comes. When the clouds gather, tuck yourself beneath a cover of comfort and be patient. The new bloom awaits.


martie said...

Once again you have taken a negative and renamed it postive. You really have a knack for seeing the good instead of the bad. You put the rest of us to shame, but through your eyes, we are learning new ways of viewing the world. Thank you, Lori!


Mike said...

So.....Are you feeling better?

Lori said...

Martie - Sometimes I wonder if people read my writing and think I am too much PollyAnna and not enough reality. But bad times and struggles come to me just like everyone else. I consciously choose to only write when I have something positive to say (though have been tempted when I'm feeling rotten!) I imagine 'corny' is what some people think when they read my words, but if there's just one person who is touched or changed because of them, then that's what matters. We never fully know the impact of our words.

THANK YOU...for always saying such endearing and gracious things.

Mike - Not 100%, but better. Thanks for asking, buddy!

alan said...

Hope you are feeling better by this point; a bit caught up "in the whirl" here for the past week or so!

Yes, the sun finally came out and I even managed to slip off yesteday and get a line wet!

Next week it will be 103 or something!



Networkchic said...

Coming to this place always makes me smile.

srp said...

Reading this after the events of this week makes the post even more poignant. Hope around the corner, the promise of brighter days... something we really, really need right now.