Thursday, July 13, 2006


It's a silly thing, really. Funny how such little things can make my day and yet, there it was...right under my nose. Insignificant in itself but with a bigger meaning on this day.

It's been hard: moving furniture in hot hallways amidst 100% humidity. We were all tired by 7:00 a.m. and tempers were short as exhaustion coupled with the Kansas heat took their toll. Later we scattered in different directions, one being the gymnasium where I began scraping bleachers and floors in preparation for an upcoming basketball tournament. As I was scrubbing off sticky soda pop under my feet, something caught my eye. There beneath the painted concrete was a distinct and perfectly shaped heart. In other places on the floor, the humidity had raised little circles or irregular shapes, but there was no mistaking this familiar icon; the symbol of love.

On a difficult day it was just the sign I needed. There in the most unexpected place I was reminded that I am loved and that there are so many who hold a place in my heart as well. Something simple, something profound. The greatest of these, the greatest gift.

Even when its found among the bleachers on a dirty gymnasium floor.


martie said...

It is so like you to find the good things in life to be thankful for even a heart on the gym floor! You have such a great attitude....wish you lived close to me and we could hang out. I could use your influence!!! Hugs, my friend!

srp said...

I have missed your daily doses inspiration. That humidity really can do a number on my attitude. It isn't the heat as much as that thick, heavy, moist air that weighs everything down. God is good to give us what we need, no more and no less; and always His timing is perfect.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for the inspiration, dear friend!...these are little miracles that gladden our hearts daily if we care to pause or dwell on.
LOVE is THE GREATEST GIFT. May you be blessed with overflowing love as you generously give yours to others!

Macromoments said...

Lori, I'm glad you found time to write about that heart. It's sweet of God to surprise us with things like that, huh?

I hope you'll be able to post again soon. I keep checking back! (And thanks for your emails.) Take care, and DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Sounds like a hot,sticky summer.

Networkchic said...

Inspiration comes in many forms to those willing to accept it.

Michael said...

love is there if you look for it. Its hard to see sometimes, and sometimes even hard to accept. but its there!

Rebecca said...

Hi Lori!

Just wanted to say hello now that I'm back online again. :)

Hope you're doing well!
Hugs -