Friday, March 16, 2007


For anyone who has ever accompanied a young lady on a mission to find the "perfect dress", you know it can be a harrowing ordeal. Colors, sizes, lengths, all comes into play, and sometimes even when it looks right on the hanger, it doesn't work at all.

Today my daughter tried on layers of pink satin and chiffon and found that place of perfection. Being a tiny-framed girl she has met with much frustration in the process and left many stores disheartened. And though a dress is hardly a prerequisite for self-confidence, there are times when it's a much needed boost.

She has never been the kind of child to insist on her way and I love her conscience as it looks through the clearance racks, always keeping things in perspective. And because of that, I wanted her to have her first choice this once.

Because even though it truly is about having an inward beauty, once in awhile it's OK to have an outside to match.


alan said...

With the pressures that kids are under today, I can't imagine being one now! I barely survived it 40 years ago!

So glad she found the perfect dress!


srp said...

What a gorgeous dress, I'm sure she feels like a fairy princess in it. Yes, it is important for them to have at least one dress that is their first choice. We were fortunate that we seemed to find the really good sales at Dillards on the formal dresses. We were able to find beautiful ones, some were 75% off.

martie said...

Oh Lori, she is lovely!!!


wingman said...


Mike said...

nice pic of you using the flash!