Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Baa Baa White Sheep

All around us new life is springing up; the wildflowers in the ditches along the roadside, baby calves in tall pasture grasses and new litters of kittens.

The latest additions to our family arrived in a trailer and were delivered to their new home in our backyard. My daughter's days will be filled with romps down dusty roads and making sure they are well-cared for before they make their appearance at the county fair in August.

They're smaller than the sheep she had last spring; each with his own identifying marks. Right now they are shy and skittish, skirting inside their hut each time we visit. But soon they'll equate her quiet appearance with daily sustenance and look forward to her gentle voice and manner. Once again she'll fall a little in love with their soft, woolly coats and unique personalities.

The sheep have arrived. Time to get on with the business of summer...


Mike said...

I have a shetland sheepdog that would love to herd some sheep! Give me a call if you need a hand! :-)

srp said...

I have to chuckle seeing the flip-flops... you have one too... a girl who does "everything" in her flip-flops! Nyssa wears them even in winter!

What fun and simply adorable little lambs!