Friday, November 23, 2007

Plays Away

I'm not sure I've been missed in the world of Blog, but I have definitely missed writing here and making the rounds to read my favorites.

Life has held me captive these past few weeks, especially the school play which was moved from a spring time show up to mid-November. There is always a lot to do for a production, even on a small scale, and coming on the heels of a state football game and in the midst of working longer hours at school, there has simply been no time for much of anything else.

There were many hours of learning lines, compiling costumes and frustration when people dropped out.
And with the final curtain call came bittersweet feelings: being proud of their accomplishments, relieved that it is over, yet sad that this is my daughter's last high school performance. She's feeling somewhat at a loss as it has occupied her time since the school's beginning in August. Yet she can hold her head up high, knowing that she was part of a very small group that overcame many obstacles during this play, coming out on the other side with a success that surprised everyone.

After the 'serious' group shot at the end of the performance, I asked everyone to have some fun. Little coaxing was needed and with nerves settled, it was easy to set aside their characters and enjoy themselves. Though I have a tape with serious young actors frozen in time, it is the laughter and free spirits I will cherish from this moment as the curtain falls one last time....and a new chapter begins.


McSwain said...

Oh yes, you have been missed. I love these posts of yours--there's a small-town simplicity to them that almost takes me back in time. Is it really less complicated there than here in the big city, or am I just reminded of my own high school experience in a simpler time?

I am always struck by how beautiful your daughter is. The awesome thing is that it's evident from her face that it comes from inside as well as out.

Lori said...


Yes, it really is less complicated though not quite to the extent of my own teenage days. We are very busy, but it is at a different pace. I love to visit the city, but I'm always glad to come back home to the peaceful, slower stroll of rural living.

Thank you for the comment about my daughter. She does have an inner beauty that makes her a complete joy to be around...and she doesn't see the physical loveliness at all, which makes her all the more beautiful.

alan said...

Of course you are missed! Though sometimes I get a few days behind, I always swing by to be inspired by you!

And though you might feel you were born too late (I was accused of that for my love of that era of music as well) all I have to see is everything you contribute to those all around you every single day to know you are EXACTLY where you need to be!

Thank you for brightening this world, not only for myself, but so very many!


John said...

There are worse things to be held captive by than a life so full as this. If it means more time for blogging...well then, lucky us.
I can sympathize with the bittersweetness though. My son's football team just won to advance to the championship game set for next week. I can foresee (or would that be 'forefeel'?) a let down in the making. Win or lose, the season will suddenly be over just like that!

McSwain said...

Just in case you don't make it back over to my place--You know what's funny? I used to see Kenny G every year at a friend's annual Christmas party.

Slone said...

well I missed you too. Your blog is always a quick vacation for me. the beautiful photos of the area and your family are just wonderful. I had theater the last 2 years of high school and remember the last play, truly a bittersweet moment. I'm glad you have it for saved forever.

McSwain said...

I sent you an email, but don't know if the address is right. If you didn't get it, you can email me at