Friday, January 04, 2008


The Christmas decorations are still up at home, including the tree. I can't bring myself to take it all down just yet. The holidays were such a special time - a respite from the craziness of the world outside our front door. It was so nice to sit at home with my family, having no place to go. I guess I feel that once the decorations come down, it's "business as usual."

This picture is one that lingers with me as well; two smiling faces of a Christmas past. Like a sweet bouquet, I love to savor the fragrance of those innocent days when I could fix their problems with a kiss and a cookie.

Though time moves ahead - and rightfully so - it's OK to steal a precious moment from yesterday....then STILL a moment from yesterday....and linger there for just a little while.

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Mike said...

I turned off my christmas lights last night. Felt a little sad. I love this spirit of Christmas and it does seem like its back to "business" time again.

Speaking of Christmas memories. Funny, I just got through looking at some old pics of my son and I. I miss those simple days of cookies and hugs. ( I still hug him...he just squirms a little more now) :-)