Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wasn't it only yesterday?

This summer I've been sorting through some of my old photographs, and remembering sweet moments from days gone by.

This particular picture was taken nearly 15 years ago when our local newspaper was doing an article about the Salvation Army's angel tree. The photographer snapped candid shots as I visited with the reporter and my daughter nestled closely next to me, listening to our words.

Though that Christmas lies in my memory from a photograph of long ago, I can still feel the spirit of that moment and the warmth of my little girl, stilled in my heart as if it were only yesterday.


martie said...

Moments like that make me wonder where the time went........I never remember it passing as quickly as when I look at old photographs and am unable to deny the passing of so much time.

Hugs my friend!

Jamie Dawn said...

That's a wonderful photo. It captures the very warmth that you said you felt. It's Hallmark card worthy!!


srp said...

Yes, it seems like yesterday! One week from tomorrow we will load a U-haul with Nyssa's stuff... her beginnings of life in her own apartment... and head off to Mississippi. I will leave her there .... and her next adventure begins.

College only an hour away seems wonderful right now. She will be fine... and I will have to be as well.