Monday, September 01, 2008

A piece of history

These are my grandparents, Charles and Verna Osburn. When I was at Mom and Dad's house this afternoon, I saw this photograph of my grandfather for the first time and was mesmerized by a face that I never knew. He passed away in August of 1964, when I was not yet three. Though my grandmother lived for 22 more years, the sweet face in this picture is somewhat foreign as I only remember her smile after a home surgery to remove a cyst left part of her face paralyzed. I am thankful to have these keepsakes.

I find that as I get older, the past becomes more important. Because of those who walked before me, I am here. Without their journey and without their paths crossing, merging, blending - history would be forever changed.

Today I pause and feel blessed for family: who I come from, who walks beside me... and who is yet to be.


Chad Oneil Myers said...

I think I can see some of your daughter in your grandmother?

I relate to your writing style ;)

martie said...

I can see a resemblance of you and your beautiful daughter in you grandmother! Your grandmother was a beauty and your grandfather was handsome. It's easy to see where you get your good looks from!

Hugs my friend.