Friday, May 22, 2009

Beautiful Weeds

Beauty is all around me on the path that leads to home. It is unpaved and set deep with ruts that make it near impossible to travel by car. That's why I like it. The chances of running into another person are remote and thus, I have the whole place to myself.

There are no roses that line this weed-infested path; no flowering vines that wind enchantingly around the whispering cottonwoods. Here are the overlooked beauties of the roadside: the noxious thistle, foxtail, field bindweed, common yarrow and many others whose names escape me.

In the bright Kansas sun they could be easily missed. Their presence is ordinary and to most, unwelcome. They invade field and pasture like an uninvited guest who camps haphazardly wherever they feel at home. At first glance they are hardly impressive and plain, at best.

But kneel down and take another look. Intrusive, perhaps. Common, most certainly. But one cannot question their beauty against the cobalt of a bright May sky.

Look again. Life is comprised of much more than just roses. Consider the thistle. It holds a magic - and loveliness - of its own.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Lori, It was great to hear from you. I know you are glad that school is out for awhile. Since I am retired, I am usually always here (except when we are traveling).

Love your 'wild flowers'.... We love to drive down the back roads (including the dirt roads). We do that alot when we are searching for waterfalls.

Have a good weekend.

srp said...

These are lovely.... the thistle here out behind my parent's old house is white... but I do so love the purple color here! I am cleaning out some of the space behind our fence and am going to till up a narrow bed between the land and the swamp preserve beyond. There is Joe Pye Weed growing already and I had to take care to keep it intact. I want to have at least one area of just wildflowers.

It is nice to see your lovely posts again!

martie said...

Weeds are anything we don't want growing in our yard..........some of these wild flowers would look lovely where my yard and wooded area meet. Very beautiful.......hugs my friend and enjoy this special weekend.

Mrs. Salty said...

Very beautiful flowers on your travels! Just like the thistle; there is good that comes out of bad in life.

Jamie Dawn said...

There's a lot of truth to this message, and those photos prove your point.
Weeds are pretty too!!!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Yu liv in a reelly luvly playse!

I hope yu don't mind me followin yu. I thort I mite find owt how Dorothy is sumtimes as I miss her. She waz luvly.

I dident kno yu had a blog too! WOW an yu kno Authorblog as well! Hehe!

Mummy likes the cat on that pole.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

By the way, Mummy sez weeds ar just free flowers, an yewzly the wuns the bees perfer, too.