Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bring on Spring

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a sunset girl. Though I've seen a many spectacular sunrises, it is dusk's display that always captures my attention. 

It's been a long, cold winter and many of us are struggling to reconcile our bodies with the grayness that has seemed to encapsulate us these last few months.  Sunshine has been rare and spring can't come soon enough. 
A few nights ago, even though there were more clouds than sun, I noticed how the light was reflecting off the side of our house.  It almost looked like a painting and I hurried to capture the texture it created. 

Though winter has its own loveliness, I'm tired of the show.
The calendar says spring is a week away and with his forecast of sunshine this week, the weatherman concurs.
I hope they're right.  I'm ready to have my life - and my sunsets - back.


~Brenda said...

I like both photos of the sunset although; the one with the side of your home is gorgeous!

Take heart, spring time will arrive and the snow and cold will be another memory for this year.

A.K.A. Mrs. Salty

Mike said...

yes you are a sunset girl! Glad to see some words on your blog!

Miss ya!

srp said...

I love the sunsets on the flat plains. Here we have fabulous sunrises over the ocean but the sunsets never happen over the water.... of course we have great moon rises too. I can't decide if I love the sunrise or moonrise best. Hmm. So glad spring is here.

clew said...

I'm ready too! :)

Sending hugs and hellos to you, Lori. xoxoxo

martie said...

The photos are breathtaking and how I wish I had been there to see them with you in person.

Can't wait for spring myself, only I think it is elusive this year and is just giving me enough glimpses of it to be teasing me. We are expecting patchy frost tonight and athough it is still April, the calendar does say it's spring and I am impatiently awaiting it's final arrival! Hugs, my dear I have missed you!

clew said...

Hey sistah! I gave you an award - come check it out!

Mike said...