Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aftermath of a storm

The storm that hit last night was over by the time we got home. The heavy rains and wind quickly swept across the prairie and though we could see it in the distance, we never caught up to its fury.

The sun was just setting by the time we reached home and I was able to catch the band of clouds at the back of the storm. It was hard not to be mesmerized by the contrast of the serene sky and the puffs of stormy white.

After the sun had gone down it left a beautiful orange glow that was both eerie and beautiful. It swooped down into our yard like a loose canopy, suspended there in golden silence.

I took one last picture from the back door, loving all the elements at play: the bright blue sky, vibrant pink clouds with a scattering of smaller ones at the forefront and the gray storm beneath.

In their wake they brought refreshing cool air and left a lasting loveliness I'll not soon forget...


srp said...

I wish the storm that went though here for a few minutes yesterday had brought a refreshing coolness, but it only left us with haze and oppressive humidity. They promised another round of rain, but so far it is north and south and east of us... and we are still hot.

~Brenda said...

Awesome sky photos; love the colors and I imagine you appreciated the coolness in the air after the storm!

Happy to see you posting again!

Julie said...

What an amazing sky, no wonder you couldn't stop watching it. Glad you escaped the storm yourselves though.

psychelyn said...

amazing! that's how the magic of nature works. i really can relate it to the "storms" of life, it's always wonderful after it ",)

Martin said...

Glad to see you posting again :-)

Those skies look wonderful. You know the sky is so beautiful, rich, and ever changing canvas and it's remarkable that so few think to look up and take it in. Thanks for showing us such wonderful skies.

On a random note, I was looking at your bio and noticed you are a Libra too! :-D lol

- Martin