Monday, November 14, 2005

A glorious farewell

It was the last of our beautiful days; a prolonged Autumn that boldly flaunted its lovely leaves and warm breezes long after its introduction.

I loved the performance: golden Cottonwoods and brilliant blue skies, lingering temperatures that belied the calendar, shirt sleeves and sunshine. What a thrilling encore you gave us!

When tomorrow dawns, old man winter will be blowing his gusty breath against my windowpane. The beloved leaves of gold will skirt along the road before coming to rest in the ditches and the frost will steal the last brilliant petals from the flowerbeds.

But before the new season comes briskly marching in, I stop to savor the lingering shadows, the twilight wisps of amber, the rows of pink upon pumpkin...and applaud as the curtain falls upon this glorious autumn evening.


srp said...

Are the temps supposed to really drop there now? We had one bout of cold weather but it has been in the seventies for the last week. Today it was almost 80 degrees. I may have to have Max groomed short one more time before Christmas if this keeps up.

Love the sunset pictures.

clew said...

*~sigh~* ... We bid farewell to the bright splashes of autumn last weekend here. I'm not a big fan of winter and I'm missing fall already!

Pete Mitchell said...

Beautiful photos. I'm asking for a digital camera for Christmas (only 42 days away!!!!). I'll be able to share the view from the balcony overlooking Lake Ontario; a truly beautiful view no matter what time of day, year, or weather.

martie said...

With all the leaves off the trees, one can really "see" what a tree looks like. They have their own beauty! But I do love the colors of autumn, too!