Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Tonight I began the transformation from autumn decor to the magic of Christmas. Since we had family here Sunday for Thanksgiving, I wanted to extend the beautiful fall season until after our celebration.

I love this time of year. Everything seems more beautiful, crisp, vibrant...and each day is filled with the loveliness of the season. It always goes too fast for me and I want time to slow down so I can savor the sights, smells and sounds sitting by the tree with only its lights filling the room.

I have two tapes that I cherish and look forward to hearing once November's turkey has been put away. The first is a recording made back in 1982. I was 21 that year and home from college. My brother was also home and playing the piano as my sister and I sang along. We didn't know that my mother was recording so played, laughed and sang uninhibited. My grandfather, who has l
ong passed, was talking in the background and you can feel the joy and love in the air. Listening to it takes me back those 23 years as if it were yesterday and I am once again in that living room, seated beside my brother and laughing with my family.

The second tape is one made by that same brother, some 15 years later. On it he plays many beloved carols and if I shut my eyes, I can believe he is in the next room, sharing his time and music. He is really far away, in Seattle, Washington, but for the moment he is here with me.

Christmas memories, Christmas treasures. As always, my past taps upon my shoulder as I get ready to celebrate a new year. I am blessed that my remembrance is of happy times and lovely people. May this season usher in new moments of joy and may our hearts be touched by its profound love.


srp said...

What a lovely little kitten. A first Christmas with all the wonder every young thing has, even kittens. My brother will also be here this Christmas with his booming opera voice. He will sing in the shower and Nyssa will giggle outside the door. I remember when she was little and came running to me one morning. "Is something wrong with Uncle Stephen?" No, he was just doing his warm up voice exercises in the shower.

Your decorations are lovely. We are behind here, with the pressing medicare changes to get parents signed up for and CME credits to get worked out. Maybe we can get the tree up tomorrow and get the soft Christmas music going.

clew said...

Much as I love decorating for Christmas and enjoying said decorations, I'm so cramped for time I haven't even gotten them out yet. Can I come over to your house instead? :P

Hey Lori, I was just telling another blog friend I have Burl Ives Christmas songs stuck in my head, and she suggested switching my brain radio to Josh Groban. Ahhh, great idea, huh!

Happy Holidays my friend!

clew said...

(p.s. How can you stand to do anything but snuggle those painfully adorable kitties?)

Pete Mitchell said...

Yes, I agree. I think you'll be spending far too much time playing with the kittens. I'm just going to have to take them so you won't neglect Christmas. It'll be a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

martie said...

Your home is beautifully decorated for the holiday season. It looks so warm and inviting. Wish I were there to cuddle a kitten and have a cup of coffee and a nice long chat with you.

Michael said...

ahh yes, another fellow Christmas freak! Traditions and memories. We are saps for them! :-)

We had parallel blog topics...yours was much better written! Of course!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Lori, Yes it's great to savour and cherish all the sweet and beautiful moments of our lives and yours seems to be overflowing, praise the Lord!

I too love this time of the year, a season of hope and expectations, and joyous family gatherings. Since last sunday was the first week of advent, we had our christmas tree up, lovingly decorated by our 2 sons, daughters-in-law and grand-daughter. We had a wonderful family gathering – a great day spent cooking their favourite food, eating and enjoying each other’s company amidst laughter and fun. When all of them finally left at around 10pm, both my hubby and I were completely tired out, but it was a day well spent and treasured within our hearts.

Enjoy, be happy and continue to share your blessings!

Rebecca said...

First off - I want to say that we are going to get a kitten this weekend! I wish I lived closer because yours are so darn cute!!

And - your house looks lovely! Happy Holidays - and enjoy all the warmth and nostalgia that comes with getting ready for it. :)

McSwain said...

I swear I'm getting a kitten! Your dining room looks so inviting! Looks like you're gearing up for a wonderful Christmas season.

Pete Mitchell said...

Hi Lori,

Found this story through another blog. Thought you would like it. Hope the link works.