Wednesday, March 04, 2009

"For You" - Remembering John

He first came into my life in the early 70's; a shaggy-haired, wire-rimmed man whose eyes sparkled and smile lit up the room. He was a part of my early adolescence with the songs that touched many hearts, and I sang along with both the notes of his melodies and his life.

Twenty years later he came to my hometown. I went to his concert with my neighbor and heard this song for the very first time. He was alone on the stage with just his piano, and you could have heard a pin drop in the hush that fell over the audience. I remember turning to my friend after he had finished and saying, "That is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard." I still think so to this day. It's how I've always seen true love, and how I hoped it would be.

In memory of John Denver; a lovely spirit that left us too soon.... "For You".


Mrs. Salty said...

I watched the video; a very touching song and brought back memories of seeing John Denver on TV while I was growing up and listening to him on the radio. You were fortunate indeed to see John in person.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori! I have always loved John Denver. I was lucky enough and thankful to see him in concert 3 times here. The 3rd one was the greatest as it was a Christmas special and they had kids from the area sing a Christmas song with him and Matt was amound the few at SES that got picked. He was so excited--he came home and said "Mom, I get to sing with one of your favorite singers!" I still have the pic of John with Matt and all the other singers!!--Joi