Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Dinosaur Lives!

Friday I was working outside, clearing up brush in the trench when I came across this little critter.

The horned-lizard or horny toad is such a peculiar creature. We don't see them often as they're hard to pick out in the grass. When I saw this one scrambling up the bank I snatched him up then called to my son to bring me my camera.

I shot with one hand while I held him with the other, and I have to admit I was a little glad I was wearing gloves! It was pretty bright outside so I wasn't sure what kind of photographs I was going to have when I checked them later.

I always tease my family that I don't believe in dinosaurs because, well...they just don't fit in with my time line of events! But seeing these interesting little creatures, it's easy to see that they're a miniature version of their giant ancestors.

Thankfully, nothing of that magnitude shared the trench with me on this day of outdoors cleaning!


srp said...

In Psalms and Isaiah the "leviathan" is mentioned... I have always wondered if this could have referred to some form of dinosaur... of course, God's time is not likely on the same schedule as our time... which in these troubled days is good for man... He gives so much more time to seek and find Him than we deserve.

I guess this will have to go on the list of questions to ask when I get to heaven... but I doubt it will be of any importance to me then. : )

The toad is adorable... here I enjoy the tiny tree frogs with their large round suction cup feet that stick on the windows occasionally.

Mike said...

I give you credit for picking it up. Things like that scare city folk like me!

Jamie Dawn said...

Can you imagine that lizard being a hundred times that size???
That would FREAK me out... and you too, I'm sure.

Salty said...

What an adorable little critter:)

He would be a fearsome looking beast it he were large, cool shot Lori!

Anonymous said...

Next time you catch one, flip it over and rub his (her?) belly, it's really soft so says my wife who used to catch them as a child in Texas.

BTW, nice pictures and blog!
Bill '80 lol

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

"A hundred years are as a day to God" it says, so it all took a long time for things to grow and change.

I saw a dinosaur once. It was in the British museum. He was very bony. I wanted to run up and down his tail but there was a man in a hat there who wouldn't let me.