Sunday, February 26, 2006

Out of the Darkness

I have recently come off of a couple of bad weeks. Nothing in particular....and everything in general. I have been fighting somewhat of a negative attitude; a foreign intruder in my usually peaceful world.

Last Saturday I had to go into the school to clean. The last thing I wanted to do on a weekend was drag my body out into the coldest day we'd had all month and spend my afternoon with a dustmop and a bottle of Terminator! On my way out the door, I grabbed my old cassette player and a couple of tapes from my days singing in the church choir in our hometown.

Earphones positioned just so, I set about the task of scrubbing and sweeping. I was in the middle of the mundane when a favorite song from my past began playing, "Let Me Have the Mind of Christ." Suddenly, it was as if a switch had been turned on from deep inside. The music I had sung at a very trying time in my life came back with full force, striking a chord that had lain covered in dust and sleeping within me. With tears filling my eyes, I was overcome with an indescribable feeling of joy. The negative melted away and I felt loved, whole, new.

God is on our side and is ever present. Often we find Him at unexpected times and in unexpected places. Dark times will come, clouding our view, distracting us, taunting us. But when they blow away - as they always do - we find that His light was there all along; simply and patiently waiting for our hearts to awaken...and see it once again.


srp said...

I'm sorry you have had to go through some dark times. What a song! It tells us all we need to know how to live... having the mind of Christ. How do people who don't know Him personally get through times like these? And that picture is one of my absolute favorites, for no matter what my lot in life, joys or sorrow, it is nothing compared to what Christ went through for me. That is so amazing to think about.

I'm praying you will have a much better week with little joys and peace.

martie said...

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow.....! Hugs to you Lori!

alan said...

I can think of nothing more wonderful that one who brightens my days so finding something to make her world brighter! Would that darkness never finds you again, but when it does, you know what you need to do!


Networkchic said...

Sometimes it just takes a little nudge to make us remember that there's someone higher up looking out for us.

Great post.

Patrick said...


Thank you for sharing that story and that picture.

Michael said...

geez....we have such similar paths at the moment. Glad that love of god and music has cleared the path once again!


naive-no-more said...

Lori, you are truly a blessing to many people. Sometimes going through a rough time wakes us up to what we have to be thankful for. Hugs.

Macromoments said...

Lori, it's amazing to me that you should post this today because I turned on the radio this morning while I was loading the dishwasher, and the lead singer/songwriter for Mercy Me was being interviewed. He has such a strong faith, and says that lately, his thoughts have turned back to the hymns of his childhood--the songs that seemed boring to him as a boy, but now speak to him clearer than any music. The announcer said that Mercy Me has made a CD (or is in process--not sure which) of traditional hymns. I heard him sing one of them and it is beautiful.

I found myself humming a hymn from the little church where I grew up and it has stuck with me today. "Love Lifted Me"--remember that one?
God is so good to send those reminders at just the right time, isnt' He? I'm happy that yours helped lift you out of a gray funk.
Sure am glad you took that cassette to work!

clew said...

Lori, this is just what I needed right now, to be reminded. Thank you, sister, and HUGS!!!

Pete Mitchell said...

Yeah I needed this (and the previous post too.) It's easy to forget that without darkness, there would be no light. We all need these reminders. Thank you very much for these two posts.

Nelly said...

Well put! Enlightening post. Thank you.

Mellissa said...


This was just what I needed to read today. I really enjoyed our chat the other night.

You are, as I told you, such an inspiration to me....and then, of course, there is that poundcake ;-)


Jacqueline said...

Thanks, Lori! I needed this assurance and conviction of God's all-surpassing love and presence, especially now that I'm mourning the loss of my best friends' daughter who met with a tragic road accident 3 days ago. A promising GP who was just 34 years old, leaving behind beloved hubby and baby, aged 1½ yrs. It's so distressing to see her hubby, parents and siblings anguished and distraught with grief.

During this season of Lent, I think I need to meditate on the Book of Job to further mature my faith and trust in God's awesome wisdom, mercy and incredible love!

clew said...

Hey Lori, I have posted a picture of our man Josh Groban in my latest post. :)

Have a great weekend ~ Love ya!