Monday, August 07, 2006

Catching Up

It seems like just last week I was packing up my classroom notebooks and trading it for a bucket filled with Terminator. It's been a tiring, hot summer....but it really has gone quickly. A usual summer finds me at home, relaxing with the kids and catching up on everything that has slipped by me during the school year. But these three months have been less of a hiatus, and though I typically am not ready to begin the academic craziness, this year I'm anticipating those first few days of challenge for my mind, giving my body a rest.

I have missed writing...and I have missed you all. I had planned to write things out longhand at home, then type them on the computer here at school during my lunch breaks. And though the thoughts were many and constantly playing out in my mind, I couldn't seem to transfer them to paper. I'm hoping this will change soon and I can once again record the memories and moments that make - and have made - up my life.

I keep saying that I'll be back, and I truly do mean it. Though this summertime path has led me in a different direction than I expected, my return is around the corner and I look forward to the reunion


Michael said...

I know what you mean about transferring from paper to electronic...I ended up buying a "handheld" computer so that I could type on-the-go.

I was good about writing in my notebook but it never made it to the computer!

poet said...

glad you updated, i was wondering where you were. hope all is well, and it cools down where you are. take care, poet

srp said...

We are back from our cat sitting in New York and except for a couple of extremely hot days it was wonderful. I've discovered that I am very adaptable and honestly, I could live there. So much to see and the architecture is so remarkable, nothing cookie cutter here.

This time of year always makes me feel a bit at loose ends. Times, they are a changing... hopefully.

alan said...

I have missed you so!

Looking forward to your return!


martie said...

Can't wait until you are "back" on a regular basis. Still thinking of you and stopping almost daily to see if you have posted. Good to hear from you, ALWAYS!!

Rebecca said...

We will be awaiting your return!
Enjoy the season, what's left of it anyway. ;)