Sunday, August 13, 2006

Passing Thoughts

On this cozy, rainy evening as I sit at the computer in my husband's office...these thoughts go through my head:

* Tomorrow is my dad's 79th birthday...and he is still a vibrant, happy, loving man who fills our lives and hearts.
* The county fair is over with sheep shown and sold. Another learning experience in my daughter's life.
* I love the idea of having an office like this....and miss having one of my own.
* Actually, I miss my old job.
* I'm praying for my friend, Bev, who is going through a difficult time. I miss her, too.
* My son's new contacts change his appearance so much. As is typical for a boy his age, he's growing away from me - in the way he's supposed to - and I'm trying to respect his space.
* I'm not sure if I'm ready for school. It isn't school itself that gives me pause, but all the "stuff" that accompanies it.
* I wish I could meet some of my finances through my writing and photography. Surely Oprah needs something I can do!
* Vanilla Diet Cokes from Sonic aren't a necessity of life, but they come awfully close!
* My niece is getting married in October. Life is going too quickly!
* I love my husband very much.
* I wonder how much longer my car will keep going. But it's running proof that prayer works!
* I feel far away from my stepdaughters right now.
* The rain feels and sounds so good in the midst of this dry, hot summer.
* I really want my daughter to have a good school year. She's too hard on herself.
* My hubby's computer chair is really comfortable!
* I miss corresponding with my blogger buddies.
* I think I must have the absolute best family in the whole world.
* I don't deserve all the blessings I've been given, but I'm so thankful for them.
* I should probably start doing some Christmas shopping.
* I miss having a front porch.
* I'll be 45 on October 17th. Wasn't I just 25 last year??
* I appreciate a clean school 1,000 X more after working this summer.
* I told my daughter that the buyers at the fair would load up all the sheep and take them to a lovely meadow where they would frolic and play. Of course we both knew it was in jest, but it was a nice thought anyway!
* I probably need to air up my back tire before I go into school tomorrow.
* And then there's that laundry....
* I really want to paint some of the rooms in our house. Color...more color...
* I'd like to have a week where I don't have anything to do but scrapbook.
* I love all of the beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings they have in the stores right now....being a girl is so much more interesting!
* Most women I know are really strong. I think we have to be.
* It seems like all of our rains are torrential. I remember when I was little, going outside underneath an umbrella and walking barefoot through the rain. We don't have those gently falling rains anymore...
* I hope all of our kitties at home are safe and dry.
* My husband has the best laugh.
* Tomorrow is another day. Aren't we lucky?


Michael said...

my thought....


martie said...

ditto what michael said!! ;)

alan said...

When I count my blessings (like in that old Crosby song) your words are among them...

Thank you!


srp said...

Glad to see you back.
Love your words... thoughts on paper.

clew said...

Hello Friend! Just checking in ... I've been away more than around too.

Missed you!

Networkchic said...

Now that was always you do it without effort.

Macromoments said...

Lori, what a nice surprise to see that long, thoughtful post. You mentioned sheep frolicking in meadows, and it reminded me of my oldest brother, whose Grand Champion 4-H sheep was both an honor and a heartbreak. He phoned the buyer after the sale and Mr. Harrington promised him that he'd never, ever butcher that sheep. He even gave him visiting rights at the pasture, and last I heard, the sheep died of old age.

I love your nostalgic way of writing. Have you ever read Front Porch Tales, by Philip Gulley? You'd like it.

poet said...

just checking in, hope all is well.poet