Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rural Reflections

This is my dear friend Shelly's tractor. Actually, it's her husband's. He uses it to mow the pasture land just west of our property line where they hope to build a house one day.

When I asked her if I could take some pictures of it, she was embarrassed because of its age and condition. But I love the old farm implements. They remind me of my own happy childhood days of life on a farm. I like the lines and shapes, and the experience and adventures of its past give it charm and character.

People are like that, too. When we are young, we tend to be drawn to a pretty face and the unblemished perfections of one who has just set out on their life's journey. Then as we age, such beauty blends together in a kind of cookie-cutter familiarity and loses its fascination if there isn't substance beneath it.

I love the tried and the true; the comfort of a loving and lovely heart. There is wisdom and strength in miles traveled, and beauty and grace finds a deeper place as time goes by.

May we all live our lives so that others find comfort in our presence, trust in our abilities and a peace-filled joy at the end of our days.


Mike said...

our great Minnesota state fair is right around the corner. They have a collection of tractors from the past that I just love to go see. Most of the attention goes to the newer stuff...but I love the old standbys! The tried and true as you call it!

See ....even a city boy can like farm stuff! :-)

McSwain said...


Chad Oneil said...

Very cool, that first one is my favorite!

Glad you enjoyed the Bride images.

KellyGirl said...

nice post Lori. I love all your recent photos!

David said...

what a beautiful blog, and a lovely family.
thanks for visiting me today.
more good news soon, I am sure, since I won't report the other type of news.

martie said...

Great photos of that grandson, Drew, can tell me the names of most tractors we see as we travel our local roads to the store, hardware, etc! And he says what color they are first....I mean 'yells' the color and tractor make! He's almost cracks me up!

"Tried and True" yup, I like that!


alan said...

She has nothing to be ashamed of; apparently it gets its job done in fine fashion!

What more can be asked of any tool?

Lovely photos!