Friday, December 14, 2007


Suzy and I have been friends for over six years now; ever since I moved here. Her office is just around the corner from our classroom, literally 10 steps away.
This morning I opened my school email and found this message from her:

"Hey Lori. I was just missing you today. How is your day going?"

We've been emailing back and forth all morning, just to touch base and share our thoughts.
Sometimes these very moments are so needed to brighten a day. Loving thoughts and actions are useless unless shared.
I feel as if I've received an early Christmas gift. Thanks, Suz...


martie said...

Boy that was nice of her! But then, you're an easy person to want to wish well and be nice too. You're number ONE in my book too, Lori!


Salty said...

Its always the little things that count most. Have a wonderful weekend Lori

John said...

The great thing about friendship is it's a gift you can enjoy for the rest of your life...a priceless gift, indeed.