Sunday, December 02, 2007

Winter Ball

Last night was our school's Winter Ball; a semi-formal dance held in the commons area of the gymnasium to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Often the kids attend in groups and go out to eat before the festivities so they can have more time to share and laugh together. Originally, my kids and their friends were going to do the same, but with the weather being a little iffy, I volunteered to make them dinner at our house so they could be both safe and save a little money for Christmas shopping.
One of my daughter's dearest friends was missing, however. She went to the hospital Friday morning and had a delayed appendectomy yesterday afternoon. She is a beautiful girl whom my daughter adores...and her presence was sorely missed.

Her boyfriend (the young man in the brown shirt) had just gotten back from the hospital where he took the corsage he had meant to give her that night. His shirt was to match her dress and it's obvious that his heart was not into this night without her.

I am thankful to have kids with a strong judge of character, who choose friends with good hearts and loving spirits. As time slips by, they grow up and the cheerful noises no longer echo through the house, I will miss moments like these when our days were filled with laughter and our home alive with song.


Mike said...

nice decorating Lorster! I like your taste!

Got my guitar! Check it out on my blog! ( yes, Its my christmas present. should have got this about 30 years ago....young at heart!)


Slone said...

That was a cool thing to do for them. Your such a good mom! Funny the last high school winter dance I attended I was 24 years old. Knew a girl that was 16 and not the prettiest girl in her school. Nobody asked her to the dance so she asked me. After talking with her parents to assure them I didn't have other motives, they allowed me to escort her. Just in case, my pal Yez, also over 20 yrs old, doubled dated with this girls best friend. We all had a good time. Awww the 80's how I miss them!