Saturday, May 31, 2008


This is Lucy, the newest member of our family. We got her from my sister who lives on a farm 80 miles from here. While she acclimates to her new surroundings and the modge-podge of critters we have (who are a little leery of her energy and friendliness!), she oscillates between spending time in the house and being outdoors. She is a social little puppy who will chew on any and every thing in sight.

It's ironic that now that school is out, the kids w
ould have had a legitimate claim when they said, "The dog ate my homework!"


Vicki said...

I have spent much time here tonight, enjoying your blog and pictures. Your writing touches my heart, and you have a lovely family.

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Lucy looks adorable! And beautiful too!

Mike said...

AWWW a puppy....doncha just love that breath! One of my favorite things in the world!

McSwain said...

Awww! She's cute as the dickens, and looks like trouble.

Mrs. Salty said...

Lucy is a sweetie-pie; just the kind of dog one would like to hug.

The flower is a nice touch of color.