Saturday, November 15, 2008

Grease Is The Word

Since the beginning of the school year, a large part of my time has been taken up with preparing for our musical, "Grease". Each year it seems that there is more to do to get ready for this annual production and many hours (and dollars) were spent on set design, costumes and even building "Greased Lightning", the infamous car driven by Kenickie.

It was my son's first time to perform and he had a big role, including a solo he did with style. I was proud not only of how well he did, but also of how he handled the compliments afterwards with his wonderful smile and classy manners. The best thing of all? His best friend was there for the final performance: his red-haired, college-aged sister.

It was a long road on the way to this success with glitches along the way including the loss of two actors a week before the show. But all the worry was for naught as they put on four stellar performances. We were small in number but great in talent and determination which made for an outstanding show.
We may be a small dot on the Kansas map, but Broadway ain't got nothin' on us!


Mike said...

great pics! Looks like a great play!

Jeni said...

Just curious here, wondering if you and the others in charge of school plays get any flack from the school board regarding your choices? The lady who is the head of the Drama Club at our school has selected over the past 6-7 years some very well-known Broadway plays and the kids have done them -done extremely great jobs with them too in fact. But after this past year's presentation of "Pajama Game" our school board slammed her, big time, set up new and very strict guidelines and what any play can or can not have in it -no off-color language, no references to smoking, drinking, sex and even "NO KISSING" either! Just wondering if other school districts have gone a bit over the top with the "moral tone"of drama.