Monday, November 24, 2008


This is the face of loyalty. Our blue healer/border collie mix named G.T. He truly is a one-of-a-kind animal who is our protector and guard dog, but who also loves baby kitties and melts at the human touch. A couple of weeks ago I watched as one of our cats chased a tiny mouse across the back yard. G.T. actually barked at the cat, trying to get it to let go of its prey.

With a soft heart, piercing blue eyes and a gentle spirit he's been a part of our lives for 7 years now. We are almost even in age, he and I....... yet I find by watching him, there's still so much I can learn.


Mike said...

You know how nutty I am about dogs. I love the bond that develops over time. Like you said, there is so much to learn from how a dog lives and loves. The unconditional love that you get is just priceless.

See...I havent forgot you! Hope you are doing good. Thanks for the prayers. I am planning on going back home to California in Jan. Praying that his health will be good during that time. No control over that though.

Happy Thanksgiving Lorster!

srp said...

Man could learn a lot from dogs... unconditional love to start with.

Our Daisy is so captivating. She is such a calm cocker and now with a new hair cut, she looks the part. Mom is in rehab at a nursing home and they allow dogs to come in. Daisy walks calmly down the hall and if a resident speaks to her, she sits down at their feet waiting for a pat. She sat on Mom's bed so she could reach her from the wheel chair and entertained for over an hour.

Now, if Daisy could get Mr. Rhett (one of the Siamese) to play ball with her, she would be in heaven.