Thursday, August 18, 2005

Twilight walk

I was going to walk towards the north tonight as I usually do, but saw a raccoon family scampering off to the south and decided to follow them. I should have known better. Our dog, G.T., saw them too and tore off, dust kicking up at his heels. They scattered in two different directions and he lost them in the deep ditches of the road.

I was glad that we went this way. The sunset looked different on the tips of tall grass and wispy, cotton candy clouds floated low to the ground. It is a path that draws the eyes upward at the beauty above us...and it was indeed a night for loveliness.

Everything looks pretty in the light just before dusk. Like candlelight, it casts a glow over the most ordinary objects, giving them a rose-tinged elegance. The sky itself turns the most exquisite blue before succumbing to hues of pinks and oranges.

We reached the creek where cat tails grew wild and were taller than any crops purposely planted in surrounding fields. The hot, August wind blew through their dry leaves and bowed their fuzzy brown tops as I walked amongst them.

G.T. took a bath in the water, standing patiently as I took everything in. I could hear the traffic on the highway a mile away and saw the big, full moon beginning to peek out from the eastern horizon. A small stream of water from recent rains wound through the creekbed, offering a respite for the dry fields and pastures.

We turned back, heading towards home. The moon rose higher, glowing brighter across the milo and hanging like a lantern to usher in the evening. The sounds of night stirred in the twilight and as we passed a small locust tree, I spied one of the tiny raccoons hanging in terror on the uppermost branches. As if it could understand, I spoke softly, assuring the bright-eyed little creature that we were moving on and its mother would soon be back to retrieve it. I wished for my good camera, but took a picture in my mind to share with the children once I got back.

Like a childhood slideshow upon the living room screen, the night had pulled its shade behind the shadows of home, the yard light just flickering on. I saw my daughter's room light glowing and pictured everyone inside, winding down for the day. Before long, the days will start getting shorter and I will miss my twilight walks.

I'm closing the curtain on this day and looking forward, towards tomorrow. Goodnight everyone...


Macromoments said...

Lori, what stunning pictures you took along the way! I have to ask--curious minds want to know--what camera you used? The colors are rich, and you framed your shots beautifully.

Loved taking that stroll with you in this post!

Lori said...

Thanks, Bonnie. I took these with a very inexpensive digital camera that my husband bought several years ago. He only needed it to take pictures of houses when he was a real estate appraiser. When he began his new job, he handed it over to me, knowing how shutter-happy I was! It's been fun, but frustrating as I can't take the quality photos with it that I'd like. I do have a 35mm camera that I bought 8 years ago and continue to love (though I've become spoiled by the instant pictures of the digitals). I was surprised how color-true the photographs on this post came out.

Would love to visit with you about writing and photography - wishing I could do something to bring in a little extra money and need some advice. I admire your work so much and would appreciate any input.

HeyJules said...

Lori, I feel like I took that walk right alongside you and G.T.

It was nice to have a different view of the world for a change. Thanks!