Sunday, March 26, 2006

Louise's Luncheonette

The diner is open....and the costumes are finished - yippee!

I'm such a procrastinator, but with the end of spring break (sniff, sniff) and the play less than two weeks away, I finally sat down today and spent some time with my sewing machine. Now it's down to minutes with an iron.

The setting is a 1950's diner and there will be a lot of fun music from that era, a Ricky Nelson-style rock star and lots of poodle skirts and pony tails. With 6:30 a.m. practices before school, I think everyone is getting closer to being performance-ready!

Shoo Bop A Boo Bop, She Bop Do Dop!


srp said...

Those glasses, I think I had a pair close to that, sans rhinestones. This should be some play!!!! Break a leg!!!

Networkchic said...

Ah...absolutely wonderful.

clew said...

Adorable! Great work with the needle, sweet friend! Sure wish I could see the play!

Hugs ~

naive-no-more said...

The costumes are beautiful as is your daughter. I knew you'd get everything done in time.

I'm slowly catching up on my reading, but I still have a lot to do. I'll be back to read some more.

martie said...

The costumes turned out great....your daughter looks so much like you....a real beauty!

I'm beginning to feel that there aren't enough hours in the day anymore myself! Maybe things will calm down someday.....and then again, maybe not!!

Nelly said...

What a great job!!! Love the glasses! ;)

alan said...

Awesome job you did!


Michael said...

very cute! Would love to be able to drop in and see the production!

Mellissa said...


They look soooo adorable. This reminds me of when I was young and in school. I had to be in every play...never thinking about the fact that my mom had to sew and iron.

I think I will send her a quick note to say thank you for giving me the "props" to be stage ready.

The girls are just sooo pretty!!!

McSwain said...

They turned out great--Perfect costumes! Your daughter really looks like you--beautiful ladies you both are!

Rebecca said...

Lori - those are AWESOME!
I've decided you are THE perfect mom. ;)