Friday, March 03, 2006

Out of the mouths of babes

One Sunday afternoon after dinner, my children and I were driving to the local mall. My son, then about 5 years old, was riding in the backseat with his sister and they were involved in busy, animated chatter. His energy had carried over from church that morning and as the stoplight blinked to red I turned in the driver's seat.

"You know, buddy, I was a little disappointed in your behavior at church this morning. You weren't acting very grown-up."

"But Mommy," he said, his big brown eyes turning towards mine and his voice filled with innocence and reasoning. "That's because I'm not a grown-up."

Touche, Mommy. Touche.


srp said...

Oh, yes. Sometimes they come up with things that frankly, there just isn't a way on God's green earth to respond. Perhaps God loves little boys just the way they are. He created humanity, so he must have a sense of humor. Sometimes I think God puts these little words in their heads so we can stop and "lighten up" a bit.

I certainly hope God was amused when my 4 year old got out the front door naked before I could grab her. They are still "slippery when wet" even at that age.

Pete Mitchell said...

LOL! Zinged by a five year old.

And hate to break it to ya, but it'll never change. I'm on the wrong side of THIRTY 5; and I still ain't a grown-up -and proudly so.

martie said...

Grown-up? What, when, huh? Where were the instructions that said we had to be grown-up all the time?!

On one hand, we tell our children they aren't acting very "grown-up" and then turn around and remind them that they don't need to be in such a hurry to "grow-up"; poor little things are probably confused just like their parents!!

KIds say the cutest thing....nice story, Lori!

alan said...

Priceless...I hope you plan on telling that one to his kids when the time comes!



Mountaingirl said...

I saw your comment on Hildebrand Road and decided to come over. I like your blog.

I need to remember this post. I think I expect my three yr old to act alot more grown up than he is capable of. Its hard to remember that messy and loud and wild is the way God made little boys.

McSwain said...

Sometimes we forget that they really are just little kids! How cute of your son to say it!