Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dawn's Early Light

The sun was just peeking over the bluffs this morning as I drove home from taking my daughter to play practice. Though I am more of a night owl, there is something exquisite about this time of day.

The morning is presented to us as a blank canvas; fresh, new, without mistakes...a
nd awaiting the magnificence of color we add throughout our day. It really is a gift and a constant reminder that God hasn't given up on our ability to make something of it.

I passed by the ordinary landmarks I see every day: windmills, ponds, and pastur
es dotted with Black Angus, and it is as if I'm seeing it all for the first time.

I think of the world rushing by and am thankful that today I can be home to watch over my son. He is fighting off pneumonia and though he is 14 and feeling much better now, I am more comfortable being here to see that he rests and make him soup and hot tea.

Tomorrow the dawn will pass as I ready myself for the day ahead, and when we pull out of the driveway, the sun will be well on its way. So for now I will savor the moment; this peaceful and beautiful entrance.....and be thankful for another shot at it all.


alan said...

Hoping your son is better SOON!!!

That's scary stuff; we always wish it was us instead of them...

Thinking of you!


martie said...

Hope you son feels better soon!

You're so right, each new day is a gift of a blank canvas and we are allowed to paint our own picture every day. I hope the picture I create is pleasing to the Lord!

Slone said...

Had pneumonia last year. feels like a truck runs over ya then backs up and hits ya again! Hope he feels better soon.
Love your photos too!

Mike said...

I had it in 7th grade...

Hate your photos.


srp said...

Lovely pictures, just before the sun peeks out over the horizon. Such a great time of day. Your words always inspire.

Hope that son is feeling better.

Photo Buffet said...

...a blank canvas. I like that word picture, Lori.

Your second photo really caught my eye - the windmill on the hill. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your writing and photography, it is so great to see you create again to share for your heart and family.