Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kitty Heart

We call her "Little Bit" because she was born the runt of the litter. She struggled to come into this world, assisted by my husband, and her first few days were tentative. But from the beginning she was a fighter who let it be known that she meant business, especially when it came to food!

She has always carried a little white heart between her eyes and I thought it only fitting that she be displayed on the day we celebrate St. Valentine.

Much love and joy to you all - Happy Valentine's Day!


martie said...

What a darling little kitty....too bad she will grow into a CAT! Funny that her name is Little Bit, that's what my late husband called our youngest son for the longest time! Of course at 5 foot 11 inches tall, we no longer refer to him as Little Bit!

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Lori!!!!

alan said...

Happy Valentine's Day and thank you for such a wonderful story and the photo that accompany it!

In your absence we were adopted by a kitten as well, though now he's pretty well full grown. A leukemia kitten my daughter-in-law tamed and then found out she couldn't keep, but couldn't bear to lose, either. So we took him in...



srp said...

What a cutie! I had a little Siamese who was also the runt of the litter. She always looked like a kitten, never weighed more than six pounds, all her seventeen years. Cassiopeia, or Cassi was one of the sweetest Siamese we ever had. She let children carry her with little arms around her neck and her tiny body dangling. She never scratched or bit, well unless you sang. Her ears didn't appreciate the human singing voice. If you didn't stop she would nip your nose.

Little Bit is adorable with that white heart patch above her nose, and so very appropriate for Valentine's. Hope yours is a great one!

Anonymous said...

Cute Picture we have a three legged cat that has a lot of heart too. Not as cute as your little bit though

oregoncelticlady said...

Greetings! Lovely site! I jsut stopped by from Lance's site. I don't get hte whole linking thing yet so if you have time to come visit me, I could find my way back here?! :-)