Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ten Months of Memories

On April 3, 2006 a lightning strike took out our computer, leaving us without the internet for nearly a year. At first, I was at a loss; frustrated that I couldn't write from the comfort of my own home and lacking for time when I did have access to a computer. As the months ticked by, my frustration lessened as I focused on all of the wonderful things going on in my life. And it was a blessed few months indeed. This unplanned hiatus was a lovely time, adding to a life already overflowing with joy. Here, my friends, is a glimpse....

A stepdaughter, a beautiful bride. Everything in black and white...candles and white lights...





An 8th grade graduation.
My son, nearly a head taller....his perpetual grin...standing at the podium as Salutatorian.
Voice, strong...values, unwavering.
He's growing up fast...I love him so.

Wasn't it just yesterday she was playing with dolls and pretending to be Wilbur's beloved 'Fern' from Charlotte's Web? She turned 17 in July; a young lady now, front and center surrounded by people who adore her.

Two new sheep - Edwardo and Estavahn.
An FFA project....they cannot be kept.

A summer filled with lessons.

Then finally...letting go.

A pair of new contacts and suddenly, his looks have changed.

Where a boy stood just weeks before, a young man emerges.
His smile remains constant, his heart loving.

But how I'd forgotten what pretty eyes he has!

Another town fair. The smell of hamburgers and pork loin. A parade down main street.
Music and laughter. Swings and the Sizzler. And RAIN. Lightning dancing across the sky. Water tower against timber wolf gray. Young hearts jumping puddles and enjoying the coolness against their cheeks. Soaked hair and jeans, but smiles regardless. It's the fair, afterall!

A new baby....
Master Jason Thomas...

A bundle of sweetness and new life.
A grandson.

Tiny hands and feet. Soft cheeks and new love.
A precious gift...a treasure.

A visit back "home".....a place we felt so loved.

Another dance with old friends,

Growing up, growing lovelier.

A beautiful autumn wedding.
Blue skies against golden leaves.

My darling niece, her devoted husband...a time of immense love and joy...a perfect day.

Dancing with my son...
Dancing in life.

Thanksgiving Day, 2006. Gathering at my sister's house...all but six. It's hard to get everyone together at one time! But we learned my brother would be coming home for Christmas, making the trip from Seattle. Another reason to celebrate. Another reason to feel blessed.

And then it was Christmas...our best in many years.
An old-fashioned play and carolers...a tour of a historical hotel.
Visiting homes, a progressive dinner.
Decorating, lights, shopping, wrapping.
Christmas Day at Mom and Dad's......celebration here.
A new stocking to hang this year...

New Year's Eve at my brother's home. Grandchildren celebrating with Nan and Pop....and at the stroke of midnight, a Happy Anniversary to my parents. Fifty-eight years!
Then just before the switch came on, illuminating the computer screen with access to the world, my daughter walked across the gymnasium floor on the arm of a handsome young man: the junior class candidate for Homecoming.

She never fails to amaze me with her class and grace, and her beautiful smile belies the fact that she is nervous to be in front of so many people.

So there it year in review. And though at times it felt like I was missing out on the world as it scooted on by, I realize now that was hardly the case.

There is a lesson learned from everything that happens, and in all that we do. How blessed I am to have had mine so beautifully wrapped.


martie said...

What a glorious year you have many blessings to enjoy. Thank you for sharing them with us....this is what we missed having you gone...your take on life, the ability to find good in every situation, the special way you have of describing the every day things to make them seem so much more....thank goodness you are back to enrich our lifes once more!! Hugs, my dear friend!!!

srp said...

What a full year of blessings. And now begins another whirlwind of time. An up and coming senior with college searches and SAT's and all the angst that goes with it. That special senior year and that sometimes strange freshman year as well. Then soon you will sit as I do and wonder how they got to be college juniors, standing on the cusp of full adulthood, all the while as mom, you've stayed pretty constant.

Can we not slow the time down to savor and enjoy? Too fast, too fast the world spins.

I am so glad you are back... and just in time to switch to the new blogger... ah, I see you've had that privilege already...(please forgive that little touch of sarcasm, Blogger doesn't like me)

Photo Buffet said...

Lori, I happened to stop by your blog today and am so glad I did. It was fun to read about your year-in-a-nutshell. A very BIG nutshell. I'm glad you're back, but it sounds like God blessed your year away from the computer. Not a bad thing at all.

alan said...

Save this or print it or something; in 30 or 40 years it will bring tears to their eyes!

Just as you have mine!

Thank you...


Anonymous said...

Great Photos and the collection of your year.

Rebecca said...

My, but I have missed you. I didn't quite realize how much until reading this post and seeing your beautiful family pictoral.

Looks like you had a wonderful year.

Slone said...

What a great year, filled with a wonderful family. Thats whats its all about! I'm so glad to have found your blog!

KellyGirl said...

Thanks for sharing. You seem like such a sweet, proud mom!