Friday, April 06, 2007

In the Face of Pain

My mother has always been a pillar of strength, both physically and emotionally. I have learned so much from her; how she handles situations with grace and style and always, in perspective.

Last Friday she attended my daughter's play, along with my dad and several other family members. She sat through the performance, only speaking praise for the cast and the sweetness of our girl. But through it all, I knew she was hurting.

She was diagnosed with a compression fracture in her back just days beforehand and I know she has been in a great deal of pain. As always, she put that aside to come and support her granddaughter. Actions truly speak louder than words and hers always say, "You're important. I'm proud of you. I'm so glad you're mine. I love you."

Tuesday I sat in a hospital waiting room with my father and sisters as my mother had back surgery. The pain must have been great or she never would have consented. As I spent time with her throughout that day, I once again saw her strength and her grace. Always a lady, always an optimist. I hope my actions told her clearly: "You're important. I'm proud of you. I'm so glad you're mine. I love you."

May I be half the woman.


srp said...

Prayers will be going up for you mother and her rehab over the next few weeks. She must be a wonderful woman to have raised such a fine and empathetic daughter. Your spirit flows through your writing and lifts all who read it.

I know this Easter will be difficult but have a blessed day. I know God has you and your mom and the whole family wrapped tightly in His love.

Slone said...

I'll keep her in my prayers also, and wish a happy Easter to you and yours.

Mike said...

I will also keep her in my prayers. Its so hard to see loved ones age, and yet inspiring to see how strong they are in thier convictions.

You are a reflection of your enviorment. I can tell that your Mom taught you some very good lessons! :-)

Happy Easter Lorster.

McSwain said...

An amazing woman! "And her children shall rise up and call her blessed."