Monday, April 23, 2007


Pink satin and billowy chiffon....roses and ribbons, photographs and smiles, dancing and dinner. There is 'much ado' about prom in a little town, when sons and daughters shed jeans and T's and turn into ladies and gentleman for an evening.

I think what makes a small town prom special is that it is of the students' making. There are no reservations at fancy restaurants nor decorated galas at a local country club. Instead, the gymnasium is transformed with white lights and black c
urtains, fountains and bridges, lamp posts and greenery. Cafeteria tables are elegantly dressed in black linens with candles and center pieces and all the hurrah. The Junior class and their sponsors work hard to turn the usual sports arena into a classy, sophisticated setting where they share a meal cooked by parents and dance beneath a makeshift moon. I'm glad to see that this tradition is still alive and that kids can make it real with a little imagination, and yet still keep it all in perspective.


martie said...

This the the kind of prom I remember....not the expensive dinner in a swanky restaurant one. This is the best kind....besided, parents know where their kids are this way!


BTW, your daughter is charming and lovely!!!

Mike said...

I totally agree with you. I am much more in favor of the simplistic and yet nice prom instead of the over the top junk of today. ( yeah sounding like a crabby old guy!)

Its high school, you should just love the fact that you are there with your boyfriend/girlfriend and you get a night to be together and enjoy a elegant evening. No need for limos and country clubs!


I am done.

oregoncelticlady said...

Your sweet girl is GORGEOUS!!! My 13 year old would like to have her friends over and have her Thai uncle cater for them....we'll see when the time comes!

Come by my site...I have a present for my women friends...and their friends...and their friends... :-)

McSwain said...

What a lovely daughter you have!

I love that there are still proms like that--makes me want to move. Here, kids spend insane amounts of money, and many if not most rent hotel rooms for all-night parties.

Not my kid.

alan said...

Like so many others; this is the way I remember things as well!

It's nice to know they still happen this way!



Rebecca said...

Such a pretty dress your daughter wore!!!!! And so appropriate. So many gowns now are just....not.

And her hair color is gorgeous.... :) She looked beautiful.

srp said...

Your daughter looks like a princess... I love that the guys are still trying to complement their dates with their tux accessories. But none of those horrid ruffled shirts from the 70's I see. I never went to the prom but remember how they decorated the gym. No before parties or after parties... just the prom itself... and always with a theme that involved... the moon or paradise.

She looks like she was having a great time. Let's see... she will be a senior next year?