Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Youth's Technicolor

At first sight, this picture depicts a lovely couple sharing a special moment behind a transparent netted mask. In actuality, it is my beautiful young grandmother, Fern Porter, being silly with her brother-in-law, Roy.

It's so easy to think, when viewing these old photographs, that everyone was stoic and serious behind the natural sepia of dust bowl days. How refreshing to know that when the surface is scratched the personality and fun shines through in an imagined - yet real - Technicolor that outlasts time.

I knew her only in her older years; a stately lady who never showed this side of who she once was. How I wish I could've seen her then, with all of her idiosyncrasies, imperfections and in the gloriousness of youth.

May we show to the world, not only who we appear to be, but who we are really. And may that reality bring a smile to light each other's pathway, as this picture does for me.


McSwain said...

I love old photos. There is one of my grandmother playing croquet--a side of her we never knew--that we recently discovered. Same feeling.

Thank you for sharing this one.

John-Michael said...

My Darling Friend, please forgive this intrusion … but knowing your compassionate Heart, I am compelled to send this to you. Please read it, and follow your Heart’s leading. I have unwavering trust in that. I Love You, Your Servant, John-Michael

Oh my darlings, you sure know how to make a girl cry. I have just come home briefly to check in, there are too many messages to answer but I appreciate each and everyone one of then so very much.

Unfortunately, I have been given a bit of a bum steer in terms of Jack being able to stay in Hospice with me. That is actually not the case, apart from a night here and there, so the woman that told me it was possible has really got a lot to answer for as I pinned all my hopes on this. Anyway, Jacks Dad came down and can stay at my place this week at least but that's it. After that who knows and yet they are saying I need to be in Hospice for a lot longer yet.

The pain last night, defied description I have never felt such pain in my life including child birth, I was a sobbing mess, eventually they had to knock me out and I finally got some rest. Anyway they are comparing scans and trying very hard to work out what is best to do. I know I desperately need chemo, the longer I go without it, the bigger the tumour is growing and pressing further on the nerves. So now not only do I have megga pain that is not responding to treatment, I have a child not welcome at Hospice and my life is completely screwed.

I spent the night in tears and most of the day too, I don't have think I have any left but who knows, I will let you know how tonight goes. I am a broken woman.

There is talk about Jack having to move up with David to Warragul and change schools and everything. I said NO WAY I am not giving him up when I am not ready to die and I am not giving him up twice. I will work something out. There is no way he needs to go to another school, he needs the security of his local school here and his friends and having close contact with me.

Anyway my friends, it is a lot to contemplate tonight, I will do my best and I will not be letting my son go away from me no matter what. Please keep praying and sending me your love and care, I need you all so desperately right now. I hate to have to go, but I must leave now to go back to Hospice as they need to medicate me there, it is too dangerous to be on the medication I need to be on at home.

I will be thinking of you and I will post again either tomorrow or the next day, I promise.

Love to you all, my heart is full of you love and hugs to each and every one of you. Xxxx

posted by Jen Ballantyne at 18:40 on 9/04/2008

Lilli & Nevada said...

That is such a nice photo, i love old photos

Mike said...

That is exactly why I show all of my sides....

srp said...

I love these old photos... you never know what they were thinking or saying, but it is fun to try and figure them out.

I guess you have a graduation coming up as do we. It was hard to imagine my daughter graduating from high school and college flew past even faster. Now as we wait to see if she finds her place in graduate school and prepare for the May 11th (Mother's Day) graduation... I am becoming very nostalgic.

If only we could push the "pause" button for just a bit longer!

martie said...

Old photos are such treasures to find. I have often wondered what the people in those old photos were like and what they were thinking!

Very lovely, thanks for sharing!

alan said...

I asked you once to archive all your wonderful photos so that someday your grandchildren can ooh and ah at the wonder that was you!

Because you truly are one!


david mcmahon said...

Lori, what a lovely post.

Thank you for your comments on my macro shots. Yep, prairies, here I come .....

Sandi McBride said...

I am not sure if it's the music or the post or just a fine combination, but it made me misty eyed and a lump rose up in my throat and I thought of all the relatives that I knew when I was a child who were gone by the time I was teenager and those that meant the most rose up in my mind's eye so clearly. Thank you for that!
David sent me

CrazyCath said...

Came over vis David's blog. You are so right. I often wonder what my grandmother (or my mother!) was like as a young girl or twenty something.

May we always be who we ARE not just who we are meant to be.
Lovely post.