Tuesday, August 19, 2008

College Bound

Today I took my baby to college. It's a day I've been pushing to the back of my mind for a year. But life doesn't wait for us to be ready nor to catch up to what is brings. We have to ride the wave, no matter how big and try to keep our balance until we find the shore.

One more time, I share words that I left her in a card as I kissed her good-bye and waved from the door...

My Dear Angel,

Where do I begin? I am so proud of you for so many wonderful reasons! You have been a bright light in my life ever since I first held you in my arms. Your creative hand and considerate heart endear you to everyone who knows you, and your strong sense of right and wrong, fair and not, has served - and will serve - you well. I know that this is a time of mixed feelings and apprehension for you...and that is perfectly normal. Don't worry about knowing, or not knowing, all the answers right now. Life is a constant examination, and we are supposed to be continuously learning and growing along the way. Trust yourself and your instincts. You have wonderful judgment for each situation, and your gut feeling will tell you what to do. Always listen.

Open your mind and heart to new experiences that you know could be healthy in who you can be. If an art class looks fun, take it. If a part in a play calls for dancing, dance. Think of all the new things you've tried during high school and how well you did with them. Believe in yourself and you'll be surprised at how high you can fly! Never compromise who you are, and remember that those who truly love you will never ask you to. You will learn a great deal about what you believe in and what is important, and each lesson is valuable in who you are becoming.

Remember - Home is always here. We love you, unconditionally and completely and always will. I am just a phone call or letter away if you ever need anything. Though I will give you space to learn and grow on your own, if you ever need me, I'll be there in a heartbeat.

I will miss you terribly, but I'm excited for YOU and for the wonderful and fun things that I know lay ahead!
Have faith in God, have faith in yourself and know how very much you are loved.

Blessings to you my beautiful girl.
Love Always, Mom


srp said...

She is standing on the brink of a wonderful time in her life.... fear, expectation, excitement, joy... all the emotions rolled up into one big lump of feeling.... and THAT is just what MOM feels!!!!

Nyssa wouldn't let me walk her into her kindergarten class on the first day.... at least she let me stay a week and help her get her apartment together this time.... ;)

I wondered why the colleges are intent on parents leaving "quickly" after that first day of getting the freshmen moved in... perhaps, they know how difficult it is for we parents.... just as it was to leave them in kindergarten.

Nyssa has had her first grad school classes (two days worth) and LOVES it! They also fixed her dripping faucet and her internet works... so she is pleased.

Mike said...

Written as only you can. Written by a Mother that loves her child. Read by a child that is very lucky to be loved like you love her.

Jamie Dawn said...

I can relate to your feelings.
Your daughter has such a wonderful foundation.
I know she will do well. She will have confidence to move ahead in her life because of the loving home & family that she has always been able to depend on, and still can depend on.
God bless her as she steps out on this new path of her life.

Slone said...

A wonderful note that she will treasure for ever and ever. A tough day for both of you but exciting at the same time.

Lance said...

Lori, whenever the first visit home will be you will have a new experience of massive loads of laundry and huge hugs!