Sunday, August 17, 2008

Healing the Sparrow

On my way into town this evening, I noticed an animal ahead crossing the road. By its movements it appeared to be a opossum, but as I drew closer I could tell that it was a small raccoon. It was either ill or wounded, its bony and fragile frame half limping, half dragging the width of the gravel road. My heart broke to see it struggling as it fell to the ground, quickly rising and making its way into the ditch.

I stopped along the roadside to see if I could make out its shape in the tall grass, but it had disappeared. Watching our dog tangle with a raccoon during a recent walk I knew better than to go in after it. But the vision of it suffering haunted me as I continued on my way.

How often do we as humans feel wounded and deserted, walking a lonely road by ourselves? Most people experience this at some point in their lives and it can be overwhelming. When we are struggling down that old dirt road feeling hurt and unloved, its easy to hide among the thrushes, licking our wounds and waiting for it all to pass.

But we are not alone. God is watching and waiting. He asks that we step out into the sunlight and let His healing hand touch our hearts and bring us peace. Sometimes it's difficult to ask for help, but by opening ourselves up and accepting His grace, we are given new life and new hope.

His eye is on the sparrow. And He watches over me.


Mike said...


Slone said...

There have been so many times I've looked back and only then realized that by the Grace of God, did I make it through that situation.
My life would so much easier if I could stick to my LJHI (let Jesus Handle It)but sometimes I think I could handle this one alone ... thats usally when I screw up the most!

John said...

I have come to find that it is impossible to be alone. Wherever we go to lick our wounds, God is there too. It's the greatest comfort there is.