Sunday, August 03, 2008

To the Party

My daughter and one of her friends share birthdays just four days apart. With their paths forking into different directions in the next two weeks, they decided to have one last bash to celebrate.

The group they hang out with are unique teenager in today's world. Instead of heading to a club, bar or places that others deem as 'cool', they chose to hang out here at home. Their friends gathered for movies, food and silly pictures. When the sun went down on a very hot day in Kansas, they formed teams and headed outside to play flashlight tag with the fireflies. And as evening turned into night, one young man brought out his guitar and sang as everyone gathered round.

There were golden friendships from years gone by, kids that my son and daughter have known and loved since they were small. And there were more recent friendships made in the years we've been here; all of them coming together at one time in one place to celebrate the exuberance of youth.

In the weeks ahead, everything changes. Seven of these beautiful, lively people will leave for college, branching off into new directions and forging new paths as they look to find who they are and where they fit in this wondrous world. Though having a house filled with eleven teenagers (two more came during the evening) requires patience, energy and a deaf ear at times, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
I know that all too soon the sound of silence will ring loudly within these walls.

Today I too, celebrate. And I savor these moments as they slip quickly by, capturing these days and for a time, stopping the clock.


Mike said...

Its amazing how fleeting those times are with your friends and how fast things change when you venture out into the "real" world.

They will look back at these photos and smile at this time.

Glad you made it through the weekend!

McSwain said...

Lots of evidence of good choices here.

And Mt. Dew, too! My favorite!

John said...

A stopped clock is priceless! Good for you for preserving minutes that will forever make you well up and smile.

Oh how much fun it is to know good and lively 'new' adults like these.

clew said...

Sweet. Reminds me of my high school and college buddies. People I once couldn't imagine living without. Some are still in my life - some are not. Time fleets so quickly. The kids will treasure these pics down the road as well :)

Thinking of you, dear friend! xoxoxo

martie said...

Yes, the sound of silence will be deafening..........that's why the photos to help you remember. And it certainly say a lot about the values your kids were raised with, choosing to spend time at home instead of out running around!

God Bless you my friend!

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Great post. I too know what it's like to have a party like that...with 20 somethings...and a few 30 somethings mixed in.

God has blessed me with great people that surround me. Your post reminded me of that.

srp said...

Enjoy.... the time speeds so quickly.
I have returned from leaving my "baby" back in Mississippi, starting on her graduate school program and in her very first apartment.
She is excited, scared, already making friends and re-connecting with some from high school.
Mom is excited for her, scared for her and a bit sad. I do think this transition was even harder than the one from high school to college.

Happy Birthday to your daughter and may she enjoy the next four years to its fullest.... these are the greatest years of her life coming up.

Slone said...

Yvette and I were just talking about this this morning. Our house too seems like the gathering place for the kids and their friends, much as my parents house was fom my sisters and my friends. I know when my six kids finally leave, the silence will be deafening.

I so enjoy your writing, it just takes me to another place!

Lance said...

Very fun photos!