Sunday, January 18, 2009

Discoveries in Black and White

I spent this weekend at my parents' house, catching up on memories, hearing new stories and making time to just be. I always feel a reconnect when I go home and that's something I've been needing for some time now.

After my mom and dad had gone to bed, I sat on the old-fashioned high bed, perusing through old photographs. Many I had seen before: precious pictures of my parents in their younger, carefree days alive in black and white and smiling at me from behind another era.

There is something about these two that caught my attention. Perhaps it is the sweetness in my mother's face or the youth behind her smile. Maybe it's the charm of the late 1940's; the grace and style of a bygone era. Or it could simply be that this is my mother - a woman I admire, respect, adore... and that I love seeing her in younger days with a lifetime still before her.

As I sort through these photographs of my parents' beginning, I know I'll find wonder and magic between the lines that are the writing of our family.

I am looking forward to reading more.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Lori, I love the B&W photos. I have alot of them too--from my parents. You are so lucky to still have your parents --so be sure and ask them LOTS of questions about family history, etc. There's so much I wish I could ask my Mom, but wasn't interested 'til I retired in 2003. Mom died in 1991. SO--I'm having to work alot harder at finding info these days..

Your mother is pretty.. In fact, don't you look like her????

Thanks for sharing.

Susie B. said...

Hi, Lori--

This is very nice. I think you look like your mom, too. Yes, enjoy them now. Look at these pictures now--share them with your parents. I found many pictures of my parents after they had gone and I wished I could have shared these memories with them. Thank you for continuing to read my blog. You have been with me from the beginning--thank you. I've never met you, but I consider you my friend.


Jamie Dawn said...

I love looking at old photos. I don't know if you read the Harry Potter books or not, but in those books, photos move and the people in them are not still. Each photo is like watching a mini movie.
Wouldn't that be GREAT if photos of our parents and grandparents were moving photos?! I would just love that!
It is such a pleasure to look into the faces of our parents and grandparents back when they were young. I get tickled seeing my grandparents partying in Las Vegas. I also love seeing the clothing and hairstyles.
I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your walk down memory lane and your visit with your parents.

Salty said...

Only when one begins sifting through old family photos does the true value of all of those snapshots really begin to sink in, they are family treasures to be cherished and shared.

Old pics like these are usually "one of a kind" and only one person has possession. My wife & I have worked many hours locating, borrowing, identifying, and scanning all of the old photos our families as possible. After restoring blemishes we burn the files on CDs to share with relatives. It is an inexpensive was to share and has been real hit in the family.

Mike said...

I see you in those pics! I love photos from a different era!

martie said...

It is very easy to see who you and your children get their good looks from! Your mother is stunning!

Hugs, my friend.