Saturday, January 07, 2006


"Where are you going, my little one, little one
Little dirndl's and petticoats, where have they gone?
Turn around and she's tiny,
Turn around and she's grown,
Turn around and she's a woman
Going out on her own."

I knew it was coming. I realized at some point that this day would get here. It just came faster than I wanted; slipping up on me quietly when I wasn't looking.

My daughter is out on her first date.

He's a nice boy and no stranger. They have liked each other - on and off - for three years, and going to a small school they share hallways, classes and activities.

But it's still hard.

Curfews, expectations and respect were discussed and as they are reliable, responsible kids, I shouldn't worry.

But I do.

I said a silent prayer as they headed out the door and watched as they pulled out into dusk. You can bet I'll be waiting up anxiously until I see her home safely again.

The clock ticks a little slower tonight.
I'm on the Mother Watch.


Anonymous said...

I know that care and concern are always in a Mother's Heart. I wish you all the peace along the way.

srp said...

The dating thing slipped up on me too. But since she told me that all the guys she wanted to date were totally afraid of me... it wasn't so bad. Now she is almost 20 and as it has turned out, group dates have always held more charm for her than the individual dates and she still likes them the best. Your girl probably has a good head on her shoulders. It is hard though.

martie said...

Oh Lori, this is so hard for a mother to watch. That precious little bundle you brought home from the hospital wasn't supposed to grow up this fast! I felt the same way when naive went on her first date. I never knew the hands of a clock could almost actually stop moving!

It is only the beginning but please remember that she has been brought up in a Christian home with loving parents and this is what life is about.....growing up and away from us a little bit so they can be self-sufficient someday. You are entering a new phase and someday you and she will have the same kind of relationship that you now have with your own mother.

Hang in there, I'll be thinking of you. HUGS!

McSwain said...

Oh my. I'll pray for you.

And your daughter's goodness comes through in her pictures. She'll be fine!

Mellissa said...

Oh how sweet. Lori, do you remember your first nervous and excited you were.

Those were the sweet days. You just scare the living daylights out of that nice young boy, you know the sweet mom with a gun routine....that outta do it.



Lori said...

They arrived home safe and sound, right when they should.

I think back on the days when I arrived home as a teenager to find my mother, dressed in her nightgown, reading her book and waiting for me. Here I am on the other end. My, those years slipped by quickly...

Pete Mitchell said...

Being a big bad male, I can't even begin to comprehend what this must be like for you. About all I can advise is to give her some kung fu lessons. (Joking! I'm sure it's not necessary.)

Nelly said...

I'm dreading the day my little girl is ready to date. Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine it right now. I have 15 years to prepare!