Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The photograph on the left is of my daughter when she was about 18 months old, the one on the right, of my son at that same age.

Though the physical resemblance was evident, they have grown and changed and turned into themselves; a young lady with long auburn hair and a tender heart, and a tall young man with a deep voice and perpetual grin.

If only time could stand still for a bit, so I can absorb it
all....and savor every moment.


martie said...

A couple of small cuties....and from what I remember of more recent pics of them, they have grown to be more handsome and more beautiful.

PS: How did the "first date" go?

Lori said...

Thanks, martie! To me, they are very beautiful, yes...

The first date went well. It was a slow-ticking night for me (!) but the kids had a great time, bowling (she won - aha!) and a movie. More plans ahead...and the prom. Is she really old enough for that??!!!!!

srp said...

Sixteen... yes, old enough for the prom. These two pictures are amazing, how they resemble each other. Glad the date went well. My baby goes back to college next week.

Mellissa said...


They are so strikingly similar :-)
Funny how martie asked about the first date!! I was thinking about it, but wasn't sure if I should ask!

I am glad she won in bowling. A girl has to keep a boy on his toes.


Pete Mitchell said...

Glad the first date went well. Like Mellissa, I was curious but wasn't sure if it was appropriate to ask.

Keep taking photos. In one sense, they do help time stand still and you can savor the special moments over and over again.

Macromoments said...

Lori, I know...a few blinks, huh?
I'm now saying the same thing about grandchildren. Wish we could freeze-frame these months.

clew said...

Look at those little cuties :):):)

Time goes too fast ...