Sunday, September 02, 2007

Casting Cares

I have much on my mind these days. Though the busyness of school hasn't yet hit, it waits just over the horizon and will soon fill our days and nights with a continuous flurry. Financial obligations teeter treacherously on a thin line as I hold my breath for balance. New projects are started for dreams yet to come, and worry perches on my shoulders.

During these times I step outside my back door, head down the dusty road and cast out my cares along the ditches. There is beauty to be seen and moments to hold close and there is no room for the concerns that cloud my day.

And though I am a realist and never run too far, it doesn't hurt every now and then to shrug away the worry, lose myself in silhouette and gather sunflowers for tomorrow.


1 Crazy Bride-to-Be said...

Nice photos!

KMF said...

fantastic photos and blog

martie said...

I share the teetering financial obligations and worry often crowds more pleasant thoughts from my mind, but trod on as you do! Hang in there..........that's what I'm trying to do too! Hugs, my friend!

Chad Oneil said...

Nice creative shots.

Chad Oneil said...

Downtown Disney is a free admission place filled with specialty shops and places to eat as well as an AMC theater. You'll also find plenty of Disney related merchandise there as well of course. It's one of my favorite places to go with friends or just to photograph by myself, but it's always much better being there with friends.

It's just another part of "Resort Disney". You should definitely check it out...and if you guys do ever come down here, let me know, I'll come in there and hang with you all ;)

Salty said...


Great photographs to go with such an uplifting post, have you ever considered writing you own book? You could do a spectacular job!

Thanks for all of your nice comments on Country Captures, your taking the time to visit and comment is always appreciated.

Ps Sorry you didn't like my little spider. I thought he was kinda special :)

Anonymous said...

Lori, these silhouetted sunflower images ought to be matted and framed. They're beautiful and soothing.
You live in a beautiful area, and what better way to cast those cares off on the One who cares for you (I Peter 5:7).