Sunday, September 02, 2007


"Make new friends, but keep the old.
One is silver and the other's Gold."

I was looking at photographs with my daughter yesterday and came across this one, taken last summer during her birthday. Pictured here is one of her oldest and dearest friends who lives in the city we once called home. They met in kindergarten and immediately became kindred spirits.

How well I remember those childhood days when they played dress-up, had lemonade stands and ran screaming through the sprinkler! I've watched them grow through the years, going from giggly little girls who danced in the living room, to lovely young women, with real dances to attend. I love that though separated through miles, they're connected in heart with a tie that will bind them throughout their lives. Next year they will fly out into the world, but how comforting to know that no matter where they roam, they will always have each other.


alan said...

Having grown up with you to watch, she will be a blessing to all who know her!


Chad Oneil said...

Cool image of these two. Very good idea to use that truck, gives it a unique look.

1 Crazy Bride-to-Be said...

Nice post. I also am far from my bestfriend right now. This post just reminded me about her.