Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This was the view of our sky tonight. It was as if a great artist tipped his brush in golden embers and swept it across the horizon, leaving trails of pink and purple to float away like wisps of colored smoke.

It's always magical to watch our western canvas each night and witness God's masterpiece in the making: a gift I never tire of.


J said...

wow that view is soo nice!

martie said...

How lovely it would be to sit on a porch with you, a cup of coffee in my hand, chatting and watching God paint such beautiful pictures right before our eyes!

Hugs ♥

cassie-b said...

What a beautiful picture!

alan said...

As the dry heat of August ensued and things turned to brown here, the sky has been the place to look for joyous color!

Stunning photo!


Karen said...

Nice place you have here, Lori! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Senior Moms have to stick together!

My husband is a native of the midwest. He's a Hoosier. I have a younger sister living in Indiana now.