Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm always amazed at how the simplest things can hold so much beauty. For the past few months I've been making cards for friends and family, using my photography on the front cover to showcase the natural loveliness of the Kansas landscape. I call them, "Backyard Blessings" because most of the pictures are taken literally, from my backyard and remind me how fortunate I truly am.

This weekend when you look out your window, may you see beauty all around you. May the stillness of late summer wrap you in its gentle warmth as we slip into Fall and may your backyard, too, hold many blessings.


Salty said...

Beautiful card shots! You did well capturing the sky, giving you neutral space to place text.

My wife is a card-create-a-holic. She uses my images frequently along with a program from Nova Development to create unique cards for every imaginable occasion. Card making is her ministry and scrap booking is her passion. With my interest in photography we make a great team!

I see you have the same problem as I, Power Lines! Often I must pass on an otherwise good shot because of the dreadful lines although many times a little touch of Photoshop is all that is needed to clean them up.

Chad Oneil said...

Cool images. Fill flash would have been another option for these images as well. It would have lit up the flower, but hopefully still kept the nice evening sky in the background. Just something to try next time.

Slone said...

Whenever I'm feeling down, I can always go to your blog and just the sight of your pictures brightens up my day!

lv2scpbk said...

You have some wonderful shots on your site. I am visiting from Salty's site.

Mike said...

I am about ready to get a new digital camera. ( remember the one I was bragging about a year ago on my blog?) It just is not cutting it.

Your pics are very well composed and convey the beauty of the land of where Dorthy came from. :-)

Keep it up!


Chad Oneil said...

To answer your question, I was just talking about making your camera use flash when it didn't want to. It saw the bright sky in the background and thought it had enough light. In a sense, it did, but the flowers in the foreground were "Back-lit". Turning the flash to on instead of "auto" would have caused it to flash anyway, lighting up the flowers.

Just a tip, I don't think you mind if I do that?

alan said...

My backyard looked so different from yours that beautiful day!



martie said...

Simply Lovely!!! Hugs