Monday, December 01, 2008

Farewell, November

These skies seem fitting for the month of November with their golden hues and restful russets. The brilliance of deep autumn hesitates ever so slightly as it hovers on the horizon, checks its bags then quietly slips into a deep slumber. It will be replaced with icy blues and white as Jack dips his brush into a frosty palette, painting our morning windows with his intricate designs.

I will miss the evenings where twilight lingers on my doorstep and beckons me with her radiance. Yet there is respite and insight, a new season...a new day. And beyond Fall's gold curtain on the edge of the morrow, there's always new hope.


Mike said...

wow,very apropriate for the end of Nov. A pumpkin pie like sky ( yes that rhymes).

We are starting to get a few snowflakes up north. Nothing major. It can hold off until Christmas as far as I am concerned!

Hope you are doing well.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

That second image is my favorite. Looks like you and your family are doing well. too ;)