Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Farewell 2008

It was our last sunset of the year. We saw it as we drove the back roads just south of home; God's brush dipped from a warm palette and spread across a watercolor sky.

It was a good year, 2008. And it was a challenging year. We celebrated many joys and we faced some trials. But when push came to shove, we emerged through it all and are thankful to be healthy and whole.

New Year's Eve has always been a time of melancholy for me. When my sister and I were teenagers we would watch Dick Clark in New York City and ponder all of the things that would 'never be' again. I would always wonder - with more trepidation than excitement - what the new year ahead would hold. I've never anticipated or welcomed change. Perhaps, coming from a people and a place that has always been safe and loving, I never wanted that comfort to end. Looking ahead into the dawn of a new year, I could never be sure that my wonderful little world would remain as it was.

But here we are; on the cusp of 2009....and those feelings still remain. Maybe, no matter how old one gets, the need for the familiar never changes. Or at least, it's that way for me.

Tonight, as the sunset faded into darkness, the stars came out in a clear and brilliant display. One could see for miles, and our little house tucked way back on country roads suddenly seemed in the midst of lights from every neighboring farm and nearby town. Everything was brighter in the crisp, pre-New Year night, and it was difficult to see anything but optimism and hope in its beauty.

May your 2009 be joyous and whole and may your blessings be many in the new year ahead!Click here to enjoy more SkyWatch.


Steffi said...

Great photos for a Skywatch Friday!Happy New Year 2009 to you and your family!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful sunset to close our 2008, Lori. Hope the new year gives you joy and love.
Happy 2009.

Mike said...

Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve was a huge deal for me also. Dont get the same excitement as I did back then!

Yeah...sounding crotchety!!! YOU KIDS GET OFF MY YAAAAAAAARD!

John said...

There is definitely something comforting about those things in which know to be good and But as far as I can tell no change I've ever gone through has killed me as of yet :)

Happy New Year Lori!!

John said...

Fabulous shots!


Salty said...

Lovely, both the beautiful skies and your thoughts. May 2009 hold many blessing for you and yours.

Thanks so much for your many kind comments and thank you for following our son Chad's love story. It was a beautiful wedding leading into a beautiful marriage.